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Colognes for Summer Season

Best Men’s Colognes for Summer Season
In summer, when it is hot outside, make sure that you smell good. Following are top 5 men’s colognes for summer.
1. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male – Launched in 1995, this cologne is a great casual wear with mint, orange, woods and blossom combination.


Top 5 Men Perfums

Top 5 Men Perfumes
Following are top 5 men perfumes:
1. Armani by Giorgio Armani
If you are going for an evening function then this perfume is ideal for the three piece suiting. It is a clean citrusy scent with the notes of bergamot, lavender, nutmeg, cedar and patchouli.


Fragrances for Men

The Various Fragrances for Men

There are plenty of brands today when it comes to men perfumes but you need to know that every perfume does not works with the body chemistry of men. People with dry skin will wear the fragrant differently than the one with the oily skin.


Choosing Men’s Cardigan

Aside from the fit of the cardigan, there are other factors that one must consider before purchasing to avoid waste of money, if you end up not wearing it before it does not suit you well.

If you prefer your cardigan to have more mass – stay away from wool that is heavy; instead go for the cotton that will provide the thickness that you want without the bulk to give out more shape and form. Remember, even the heaviest contemporary cardigans cannot hold a candle for their counterparts that is time-honored.


Men’s Cardigan Fit

The cardigan today is much better compared to its older version, thanks to tailoring revolution. It is much similar now to v-neck sweater making it really cool, but how do you choose the right kind, thickness of cardigan for him? What would match his body type and avoiding appearing like a ‘try-hard’ or octogenarian that is ailing?


Fashion Emergencies

Fashion emergencies usually happen during a trip or when one is much in a hurry. It’s an inevitable part of life which can be easily resolve with the use of simple things that are usually available anywhere.

Packing is never easy most especially for men, oftentimes we pack in excess which is not a problem; more is better than less, right? But what if you only pack one shirt then you realize that this is too long for your arms, what do you do? Should you just allow it cover your hands? I say no! Instead just get several strong elastic bands or rubber bands and use these as a makeshift sleeve garters. It is as easy as that and you are all ready to attend meeting.


Fashion & Grooming Hacks For Men

Grooming and fashion nightmares pop up every now and then, so you must know how to easily resolve these issues to avoid being embarrassed. Here are some of the fashion and grooming mishaps along with its solution.


Accessorizing Fashion Guide for Him

Who said that accessories are only for the ladies? Hold your breath boys for you have to learn a thing or two about accessorizing to improve your fashion style. Here are few basic tips that you can learn from.


Fashion Guide on Shoes for Newbies

You may think that shoes are not that important for it will not be noticed but that is not true. It is easier to pull off a suit that is not that expensive or a shirt within the average range of quality and price that to wear cheap or poorly maintained shoes. Purchase the best shoes in your price range and give it special care so you can use it for long time. Regular polishing in need and if you will not use it for a long period of time, store it in a box. Shoe tree is fairly necessary as it holds the shape of the shoe and it also responsible for the absorption of moisture, hence, preventing unhygienic and awful odor. Above all else, women pay attention to men’s shoes more than you think.


Fashion Guide on Trousers for Newbies

For grown-up men it would be best if your pants’ waist is on normal level. If you go for something that is too high you would look like a gramps, on the other hand, wearing it too low will make you look like a kid from high school. Take note that the wais should be 2 to 3 inches under your belly button. As per the length, it should almost touch the ground without shoes but for the jeans it should be longer than that as it shrinks when you wash it. Maintain only one pleat for the popular notion that it will make you appear slimmer is just a fallacy instead it will only make you appear broader that you really are. Pleat is made to maintain the crease that is sown on the pants so you don’t need more, one can do the job.